Sep 30, 2009

Wall Slices Through House

Polycarbonate strips are 'stitched' into the angled, tilted, wall that slices through the small structure, dividing it into zones. As the wall passes through the building it carves a path of narrow openings that have been glazed to allow light to bounce into the rooms.

Silver Lake Guest House
Project: The conversion of a storage shed into guest house
Location: Silver Lake, California
Designer: Jeremy Levine

Sep 28, 2009

Sep 24, 2009


My new favorite project. The client & I plan to keep working together for a few years as the children are still toddlers and some things will need to wait a bit. :)

I love that the clients were open to the colors and styles that I suggested. Their amazing ranch house now has a great eclectic look that is super family friendly.

Sep 23, 2009


modern-bathroom-picture, originally uploaded by karyodimejo2010.


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Sep 22, 2009

black bathroom

black bathroom, originally uploaded by juliavivian.

i wanted to put this photo up because it was the inspiration for our bedroom.

Sep 10, 2009


Modern Asian inspired landscaping Hauser Gärten AG

Modern Asian inspired landscaping as seen on plastolux

Sep 9, 2009

Sep 8, 2009

Wall Decoration

gemma6, originally uploaded by Sheen Factory.

The photo show how to decorate the wall with photo, frame and wording.

Sep 5, 2009


another window, originally uploaded by The 10 cent designer.

so a couple hours later and the light is completely changed. this mid day light is bright!

Sep 4, 2009


in the morning, originally uploaded by The 10 cent designer.

the open space of one room living.
the space included living room,dinning area,kitchen.

where's bedroom?

Sep 1, 2009


citychic, originally uploaded by Out To Design.

Circular dining table red buttoned backed upholstered chairs table setting with red napkins wine glasses plate and bowls tulip pendant light with ribbon and crystal decorations window with grey blind floor length embroidered curtains sidetable with candles lit H&G 01/2008 pub orig

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