Jul 31, 2010

Pei Wei Kitchen

Pei Wei Kitchen, originally uploaded by iso100.

Interior of a nearly completed Pei Wei Asian Diner in Herndon, VA.

This is actually a 25mp image from my 5D. I took two images: the first was with the camera shifted 11mm left and the 24mm TS-E shifted 11mm right. The second exposure was the opposite. This effectively keeps the lens stationary while shifting the sensor 22mm. The resulting stitch is extremely simple by just aligning the two layers in Photoshop. Who needs a P25?

More detail? 'Pei Wei Kitchen' On Black

Entertainment Unit

Home, originally uploaded by favaro JR..

living room with built in entertainment unit.

Jul 25, 2010

D' Luxe Decor - Living Room

D' Luxe Decor - Living Room, originally uploaded by dluxedesigns.

The new home of the owner of D' Luxe Designs. A view of living room. Accent colors are plum and platinum. Interior decorating by me!

Jul 24, 2010


Laura's Inviting Live/Work Studio

In addition to maturing tastes, Laura had a practical impetus for taking steps to upgrade. She was about to start working from home and she wanted to feel good about spending a lot of time within the same four walls. The addition of a refined and beautiful small home office in the corner of her studio was the beginning of great things.

In addition, Laura with the help of her designer, added a lot of color to what was previously a very bland palette. Bold steps like a flaming red couch and beautiful bedding successfully leaped the apartment from its 'before' to 'after' status.

Jul 20, 2010

Chic Living Room

Twas the Night Before, originally uploaded by boopsie.daisy.

Went to bed @ 6am last night after staying up huffing & puffing balloons, whipping up cake, wrapping prezzies and frilling & fancying up the house. All for my little Sadie, newly three!

Jul 19, 2010

Hallways in my mind

hallway, originally uploaded by you can count on me.

a little too cluttered and busy? yes. do i mind, not really. the book shelves up top line the entire hallway....a great space saver!

Jul 12, 2010

Mies Barcelona chair

Mies Barcelona chair, originally uploaded by jmv.

Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona chairs in the TD Centre boardroom; the chair that (at the time) was too lowly for the King and Queen of Spain to sit down on...

PS Congrats for World Cup 2010 !!!

Jul 7, 2010


Villa Ulin, originally uploaded by bali villa photos.

Villa Ulin Each villa features a private swimming pool with environmentally friendly water treatment system, integrated dining and living area, designer kitchen, en-suite bathroom with sunken tub and separate shower, wireless internet connection and entertainment system.

All villas are set within their own walled courtyard and enveloped by a manicured tropical garden. The Ulin Villas and Spa is a harmonious balance between traditional Balinese design and contemporary elements of architecture with simple yet elegant interiors.

Jul 5, 2010

updated toy picture 2009 - dining room toys

Haven't taken a picture of the toys in our dining room in a long time. I wish I could say that this is all of them but there are toys all over our house.

Uploaded by Multiple Personalities

Jul 4, 2010

Modern Chinese Bedroom

Suzani, originally uploaded by It's Great To Be Home.

Modern Chinese Bedroom

some red spotlight with selective items can easily make your room in Chinese style.

Jul 3, 2010

Tori Mellott's living room via Domino on Brides.com

With just 450 square feet of space, Tori Mellott creates a neutral haven, without sacrificing her over-the-top style.


"My place feels calmer and more mature," says Tori. "I used a more restrained palette for the living room, but it's still me! I just couldn't resist a little pattern with the wallpaper, and I love how the wall of artwork lends contrast."

Jul 1, 2010

White Bedroom

window, originally uploaded by The 10 cent designer.

The velvet Montauk chair has arrived at my clients! I love the color it brings to the room. Now you can really see the wall to wall linen draperies as well. They are fully blackout lined and on a remote control for him (the husband). :)

The other side of the room

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