Dec 31, 2010

Denso Double Hights

Not everyone is alike and we all have different needs. Thankfully, there are still some interior design indulgences that can be customized to our very own personal taste and requirements. The Denso shelving system is one the most configurable contenders in its category. With several configurations to choose from, the system's versatility allows you to mix and match shelves and accessories until you make your very own customized unit.

Dec 22, 2010

Dec 19, 2010

Cork Flooring: Kitchen

Cork Flooring: Kitchen, originally uploaded by Real Cork Floors.

Neutral kitchen with black and white

The options for cork flooring in North American homes has truly evolved. Designs and patterns range from traditional to modern, in original colors or dyed and add style and creativity to any room. For more information, please visit

Dec 17, 2010

Contemporary Office with Transparent Curved Window

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Dec 16, 2010

decorating with gifts

I have not put up a single Christmas decoration this year. I simply haven't got around to it and now I think I'll just skip it. I have shopped and wrapped up gifts though, so this year I'm decorating only with gifts.
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