Dec 30, 2007

10 Bedroom Decorating Tips You Need

1. Choosing the right bedding for your style is very important because it partly portrays your own individuality. Luxury bedding personifies a successful and confident individual whereas Asian bedding will highlight a gentle or subtle personality!

2. Complementing the bed with a canopy will wonder! But make sure you select the right one. For that you need to prioritize your needs e.g. if you are looking for romance in your bed, a semi-transparent canopy will give you privacy without making you feel constricted.

3. Size of the bed is equally important. If you have a large bed room you can put in some luxury bedding along with embellishments and fixtures. But if you are a little down on space, you can still make your bed room look gorgeous by going for simple vintage style bedding, Asian bedding etc.
4. Creativity can take you a long way when it comes to decorating your bed room. Look for discarded things like glassware or metalwork can be very handy when it comes to adding a personal touch to your décor.

5. Paintings, framed family portraits, wall hangings etc. can add a new dimension to bed room and make the, seemingly inanimate, walls come to life. You could also use souvenirs from your travels to decorate the walls. I've even seen bed rooms decorated with turtle shells and believe me, they look good!

6. Don't let the prospects of creating a larger-than-life bed room distract you from the primary aim. The bed room is a place for you to chill out. So make the atmosphere calm and serene. Use smooth textures and cool colours to help you do that.

7. Storage space is as important as anything else that you can think of! So use a dresser or armoire to help you organize. But make sure that this piece of furniture gels in well with the rest of the furniture and the general scheme of the bed room décor.

8. Did you know that you could actually make your bedroom look bigger! Well, it's possible to give an illusion of depth to your room by using white or blue lights. These lights also have a smoothening effect. So it's a must have if you want your room to be a real stress buster!

9. A full mirror placed directly opposite a light source can reflect the lights back to give a very vibrant illumination. The best layout would be to have the window directly opposite to the door and a light source on one the adjacent walls and a mirror on the other. You could place the bed against the wall having the light source and you dresser along side the full mirror. Use the rest of the space available on the wall having the door and window to mount your embellishments!

10. Accents - they are the best way to customize your personal space. Pick out drapes, pillow covers, bed sheets, carpets etc that supplement you attitude and use them to add the finer touches to you bed room. Even architectural accents like wall cabinets or fire place mantel can help you get that elegant look.

Author: Mark Gesture

About the Author:Mark Gesture is a top designer living in New York City who enjoys writing design tips that anyone can follow. Make sure to pick out the best luxury bedding or Asian bedding for your next bedroom makeover.

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