Aug 27, 2008

Bangkok review -- Living Nara Ramkamhaeng

Living Nara Ramkamhaeng from Living Land

The project is loacted on Ratpattana road which the secondary road connecting Romklao, Ramkamhaeng and Ring road. The road is being expanded from 2 lanes to 4 lanes.The new land valuation is announced in January of 2009. The land price increase 73.33% - 135.29% from last estimation. The project is small with 200 units.

House design is Bali look. The price is 4 million Baht. The project is almost sold out.

Project facilities included small swimming pool for kids, garden, and club house. Public transportation is available in form of van, and 2 rows car. It is perfect location for personal car which easily drive to ring road and then to express way.
What I like most are convenient location, located in community

What I dislike most is poor material.

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