Nov 18, 2008

Bangkok Review -- KC Natural Ville Romklao

KC Natural Ville Romklao from KC

The project is located,actually the village's gate,on Romklao road. The road is one of major link to new airport. The road infrastructure can be navigated from project Baan Suan Romklao because it's located on the same road but opposite side.

The strongest point of KC Natural Ville Romklao is Pricing!!! It begins with 2 million Baht but it located in the inner phase. The project has many phases, the higher price the closer site. 

The cheapest house is 3 Km off from Romklao road. The house facing north-south.

House design with superior space. The interesting model is Primula which usage area approxinmately 160 - 170 sqm. The house is built with brick.

This project is suitable for family with car. 3 Km is good for health but not everyday. There is no motorcycle taxi drop off point.

In my opinion, this one of valued choice. KC mostly build the house with larger space comparing with the other developers. One more thing, quality always vary with price. Some noise from airplane can be heard.

Overall atmosphere is similar to living in the cool resort. It's totally fresh. No pollution in this village. The only problem maybe the noise but it can be solved by using airconditionned and interior material when you live inside your home. The project will be a big village with approx 1,000 units in the future. KC still have large land plot to develop.

What I like most are pricing and home model. Sales person is good.

What I dislike most are noise and deep entrance.

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