Dec 7, 2008

Bangkok Review -- KC Natural Ville

KC Natural Ville Ramkamhaeng from KC

The project is located on Ramkamhaeng road and near eastern ring road.
It is a smart choice for many people because it's located in the community.
You can find something to eat any time. Moreover, there are Tops supermarket,
Golden place supermarket and also Carrefour on Sukhapiban 3 road.

KC Natural Ville has fully facilities surrounded. There are many type of house models.
Home is designed with big sliding doors to link between inside and outside.

It is not the newly launch project. The village service unit is just simple nothing special.
The village is located hidden in the Soi. You need to pass group of townhouse
before you reach KC Natural Ville entrace gate.

Due to its narrow soi and number of vehicle, in rush hours you may face with traffice jam in front of village.

House price is negotiable. It start with 3 million Baht. The best promotion is buying home bundling with a car.
It is one of value for money project.

What I like most
  • Facility& transportation

What I dislike
  • Narrow soi, one access & entrace gate need to pass town house.

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