Dec 6, 2008

Bangkok Review -- Parkway Chalet

Parkway Chalet of Tararom

Parkway Chalet from Tararom group is located on Sukhapiban 3 road. Sukhapiban 3 road is a major road with 40 m road width. It is the major road of eastern Bangkok area which connecting to Romklao, Serithai, Suwintawong, Ladprao, Eastern ring road and Rama IX road.

The facilites are surrounded. Big C supercenter is located opposite the project.
Suvarnabhumi airport is close to this village.
The famous universities including KMITL, NIDA, ABAC and Kasembundit. There are several high schools in this area including internation schools. Kasemrat hospital is also located on this road.

Village sport club is located in the entrace of village. It is a huge one. The club is integrated with fitness and spa. The home price is start with 4 million Baht. The cheapest house is located 3 kilometer off from the main road.

The home usage area is not fit my requirements. The smallest one is 120 sqm then jump to the big one with 170 sqm. Parkway Chalet does not has mid size such 140 or 150 sqm house model. The house concept is Swiss Chalet design.

There are international environment due to residents are both Thai and expat.

The sales officer has good service minded. When i came by walk last time, she also treat me well.
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