Aug 4, 2009

Living Room with Blue & Grey

Nesting nelly 001, originally uploaded by flowers & machinery.

With a baby coming in 4 months, we [er, I] have been a
"nesting nelly" lately. We've been buying anything we
figure we'll never be able to afford, or won't want to spend
money on, once our little bundle of joy is here & sucking
up all of our financial resources ;)

That means the living room has gotten an overhaul [again]
& although there's still tweaking to be done [I want to paint
a large filigree design in the blank space over the sofa &
different smaller pieces will be switched around or added
as we clear out the spare room & basically re-arrange the
whole house] I really like how cozy & comfy things look &
I love spending time in there :)

I took these photos in the mid-morning, so although it might
look super sunny out, it was actually quite dreary...I had to
compromise & live with the grain for good photos :/

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