Sep 6, 2010

Steel & Petals mobile

I hope you enjoy this site. I am an artist who, is inspired greatly by Alexander Calder and am thankful to him for making famous this art style. My background in art, learning from great artists, designers, and architects, to the beauty of nature, has helped me to develope of my own art.

My mobiles and stabiles, are all original in design, and I feel I have created something very unique. All handmade one at a time, and are able to be custom colored, sized and designed to match your needs. From a baby mobile that goes with a certain pattern blanket, to matching wall colors and carpets of a newly redesigned room, with skylights and vaulted beamed ceilings.

Tell me what you are wanting and I can help you make the right decision. You can also email me a photo of your space needing a mobile and I can place different ones for you to decide, as well as mockup any color combinations.

I am here to help you, and would love to make a mobile or stabile just for you.
- Julie Frith

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