Feb 15, 2009

Little Living Room Decorating

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Little Living Room Decorating

Author: Chris Jensen

Rooms are easy to furnish, but are they welcoming? Have you ever stepped into a dimly lit room with a large gray couch and a dark table? Surely it seems there's enough room for everything, but they won't be fitting for a large group to stay in. Here's some helpful hints.

Light and Soft Hues A room looking hip is typically a matter of the walls. In a small living room you can try painting it with 'cool' colors like blue or green. Make sure the shades in the room are of darker color, to compliment the entire room. If you follow those rules, you can actually give the appearance of a higher ceiling.

Tips with Window Treatments If you have window treatments, you can use them to give the appearance of height. To accomplish this feat, just have them move up towards the ceiling. Definitely worth a try. Oversized Objects Oversized or over-scaled pictures can be paintings, picture frames and patterns. With this visual trick you can make your living room appear bigger than it is.

Hold on to the Necessities It's important you leave space in your living room. Sometimes the best thing you can put in a room is space. The more space in your rooms, the more free and clear it will feel. Now don't take this the wrong way and empty out the room, but skinny furniture can not only give a hip look, but help free up some room.

Flowing Curtains When picking a curtain, you need to think length, and you need to think light colors. White curtains are extremely charming, but are kind of tricky maintaining. A bonus though for those willing to maintain it, is the benefit of natural cool light entering your room. Did you know the more natural air and light you have flowing in your room, the less sweaty and musty your room will smell. Heavy drapes hold in all kinds of scents for indeterminate amounts of time, they are definitely something to avoid.

Coordinating Colors One of the most key things to remember when decorating your living room is to coordinate all the wall colors with the furniture colors. You're going to have to do a little research and look into what combinations are best. For example, light green goes well with white, it's bright and soothing. All kinds of combinations suit a variety of personalities.

Amazing Reflective Surfaces You can pull off some stunning visual effects just with some mirrors. A small living room can suddenly look twice as large. If you have a big plain wall at your disposal, you should add a huge mirror with some artificial lighting. What this does is create a very rich and large living room layout.

Light makes Space Strangely enough, light fabrics make the room appear larger. In the past, lighter fabrics were only for the wealthy, but now anyone can have light sheets. This is a great technique because it just looks clean in the end, and who wouldn't want that

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