Feb 18, 2009

Review -- Similan Reef

Similan Reef From Ananda Development

This is one of few projects that designed for senior people which Similan Reef prepared for bed room at first floor. And the house still have enough space for living. However, this house model is limited only 5 units but i think you can discuss with sales person.

Club house

Hi Light of Project -- the relax club house
The location is isolated. Similan Reef is situated on eastern ring road but a bit further of from main road. There are empty space or rice field surrounded the project. The weakness becomes the strength because you will feel like going to resort everyday. It's very peaceful. The project location is worsen than Baan Prompat.

swimming pool

Hi Light of Project -- the luxury and relax

The house is well designed with the utilized area. Similan Reef has only only 2 house models. The house is laid on small piece of land 50 square wa or 200 square meter. The club house is designed with resort style. The project has only 100 units.

house model

House design

In my opinion, the setting price is too high. At the luanching period was 3.49 MB but at the moment is 3.69 MB.

What I like most are home design and club house
What I don't like most are isolated location and difficult to live without car

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