Feb 26, 2009

Review -- Mantana On-nut Ring Road from Land & Houses

Mantana On-nut ring road is develop by LH. This project was oberved because i want to survey the higher price level.

Mantana selling point is the tropical garden. Various type of plant easily found along the village road. The club house represented the luxurious resort. The swimming pool is surrounded by garden.
The location of Mantana is hidden in the local road, so it required for own vehicle. The project is located in the deep Soi. In this soi you can find many new housing projects.


The local road is linked with eastern ring road which is the most convenient way to go to your desired destination. The local road also linked with On nut andSrinakarin road. In rush hour, the congestion is expected.

The project is not newly launched so there are many neighbors live in this village. The house model that i visited is priced early 5 million Baht. The design is very good with island kitchen concept and it look spacious.

In my opinion, Chonlada is better.

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